(27.7. - 25.8.2015)

Russia was the first coutry that we visited during our five months long trip through Asia. The only thing that we kind of prepared in advance were the russian visa that we obtained thanks to the invitation letter from the Great Baikal Trail, where we were about to volunteer for 14 days. You can read here how much we regreted that decision later on. We took a cheap plane from Prague to Ekaterinburg with a three days stop in Moscow. In Ekaterinburg we spent weekend with our friend Olya and jumped on a Transsiberian train. After three days of sweating in saunalike wagon we arrived to Irkutsk, where we joined the group of GBT volunteers and helped to build hiking trails around lake Baikal. After 10 days we decided that we had enough and we escaped and spent the remaining time with our friend Ellie on an awesome hiking trip from Listyanka to Balshoye Koty and Arshan. After one month, that we spent in Russia, we had to leave. So we hitchhiked to Mongolia. If it was not for our visa, that were running out of time, we would stay longer for sure. Russia was awesome!