(25.8 - 16.9.2015)

After one month in Russia we hitchhiked to Mongolia. After ten days of wild camping we finally had a long desired shower and spent a day at a hostel in Ulanbaatar wondering what to do next. Originally we were planning to volunteer on a farm but the Great Baikal Trail project, where we volunteered in Russia made us very sceptical about the whole concept of volunteering. On the other hand we did not want to pay hundreds of dollars for pseudoauthentic homestays and horseback riding trips, so we eventuelly decided to give it a try. The next 14 days we spent working on a farm in Orkhon valley north of Ulanbaatar. We were mainly sheepherding, milking cows and grass cutting. After leaving the farm, we spent a few nights in Ulanbaatar, meeting our friends and having an epic korean karaoke night. Then we hitchhiked south to the Gobi desert, where we were sweating during the day and freezing during the night. We also managed to lose our tent with all of our things inside and have really tough moments searching for it in the middle of the night :D

Hitchhiking in Gobi desert

Published 28.3.2016
How we tried to speak mongolian and failed. How we envied a goat, were freezing in a desert, lost our tent and slept in a hotel for free... ...