(16. - 28.2.2016)

I have never thought that Iraq could be on the top of my traveling bucket list. I have to admit that this list is actually constantly changing but I am pretty sure that Iraq was never there. However, if you get a chance to do something, you better take it, right? My friend Katarina, whom I visited several times in Rwanda,  took job in Erbil as a medical doctor. She was also doing medical examinations for the Christian refugees that were given asylum in the Czech republic. So we decided that it might be fun to go and visit her, even though our friends and parents were very sceptical about traveling in Iraqi Kurdistan. During our short stay we had a chance to explore Erbil, Suleymania and Duhok and we even visited a yezidi refugee camp close to Duhok. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the hospitality of local people and the beauty of the country and we would for sure like to come back!

Life in a refugee camp

Published 17.4.2016
Thirty thousand people living in tents on a muddy field. That is how does life look like in a refugee camp close to Duhok in norhern Iraq...

Traveling in Iraqi Kurdistan

Published 11.3.2016
You say Kurdistan is not on your traveling bucket list? Read why should you change that!...